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Quarero is the brainchild of a few friends-turned-business-partners, who, like most friends, were reminiscing about the good old days of their time at the university. Through their reminiscing, a common theme emerged: each wished they would have had the chance to put the knowledge and skills they learned during college to better use. Now years removed from college, the group realized how much knowledge they had gained during university that they now had lost.

Dr. Karol Furman

CEO & Founder

Marcus Köhnlein

CIO & Founder

Daryoush Azizi Ashrafpour


Dženan Hodžic


Sandro Karakas


Marcus Zedler


Mithunan Vijayaratnam


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What if, they thought, there was a better way for students to assign real value to their knowledge and skills by putting what they’re learning to work in the real world?

Inspired by this mission and guided by the Latin word quaero, meaning “I seek”, the founding team was driven to seek a meaningful way for university students to unlock their personal and professional potential by using the knowledge they are acquiring in the classroom.

Through their conversations, the founders, now all working in various business sectors, realized how many university skills they lost over the years would be valuable to them in their work today.

Thus, Quarero was born. The idea is simple yet revolutionary in the remote work space:

Connect university students with businesses looking for knowledge and skills they may not already have on staff to help them scale while empowering students to put their hard-earned knowledge to work for their professional and financial advancement.

Talented students are everywhere, and Quarero’s remote work platform gives them the opportunity to showcase their work and gain real-world experience to set them up for a brighter future, no matter where they are in the world.

In return, businesses take advantage of fresh new ideas and cutting-edge knowledge to drive economic growth, unleashing their full potential by helping students realize theirs.


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